AASU Vows To Defend African Students Rights In 2020

The All-Africa Students Union (AASU) has stated that in 2020, it will rigorously defend African students’ rights everywhere and by any means necessary, whilst actively pursuing the fundamental creed that, education is Human Right and must therefore be accessible to all, with no barriers.

It has also indicated that in 2020, it will continue to be a vanguard for human rights in Africa.

“Amongst other things: we will build alliances to ensure that every child of school going age, is be able to access this right without any constraints;
we will stand with women to fight prejudice and structural inequalities;,” AASU said in a new message to African Students as contained in a statement released by its Secretary-General, Peter Kwasi Kodjie.

It added that “we will form global coalitions with our counterparts from the other regions to address issues that affect all of us, right from climate change, migration (especially student mobility), youth unemployment, the future of work, et al.

The statement noted that “AASU will be the focal point for policymakers and stakeholders to engage us productively and we will develop strategic partnerships with nongovernment experts in academia and the private sector.”

It added that “AASU is embarking on one of the most profound transformations in its history, as we streamline our structures and forge strategic partnerships – in this regard, I wish to congratulate all Member Organizations for supporting the adoption the new constitution and the five-year strategic plan for the Union at the just ended extra-ordinary Congress in Morocco on the sidelines of the 8th Summit.”

“In Morocco, the message that resonated very loudly and clearly, was that, we intend to make AASU a better organization than we came to meet it – and by this new paradigm shift, we will build AASU’s governing capability, especially in terms of asserting our independence financially, and strengthening our structures and the regional blocs of AASU – with this system comes increased probity and accountability.”


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