Cold Stores Steal ECG Power In Kumasi

OWNERS OF five cold stores at Asafo in Kumasi are in hot waters as they face possible legal action soon.

The issue came up after they were caught for allegedly stealing power from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

A joint ECG Strategic Business Unit officials and police team operation led to the discovery of the power theft.

The major operation was carried out on Friday night to Saturday dawn, DAILY GUIDE has been informed.

According to reports, the five cold stores had tampered with their meters in order for them to steal ECG’s power.

The joint team quickly locked up the five cold stores with huge padlocks and summoned the owners for a meeting.

Besides, two hotels and three entertainment centres in the city that had also tampered with their meters were exposed.

The ECG officials have also ordered the owners of the affected hotels and entertainment centres to meet them.

Power theft continues to be one of the main challenges of ECG, as the canker denies it of expected revenue.

Erasmus Kyere Baidoo, the Communications Director of ECG, Ashanti Region, has confirmed the latest power theft.

In a message on social media, he expressed his joy over the discovery of power theft by five cold stores at Asafo.

“Five big cold stores at Asafo Market have been locked up for engaging in illegal connection,” the ECG official said.

“The owners have been summoned to report at Adum office of ECG Revenue Protection Unit without fail,” he added.

Mr. Baidoo confirmed that the theft was discovered by police and ECG joint team through a night-to-dawn swoop.


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