Could This Be Love; Medikal- Fella Makafui

For the past days now, social media and the internet as a whole have being in wild, chasing the allegedly broke up sensations between AMG member Medikal and Fella Makafui who is well know for copying others lifestyle including their lovers.
Many people are believing that, the cat have being finally being out from the bag, thus Fella Makafui has pinned what ended the love career of sister Derby ( the original copy) with Medikal.
“once a cheater always a cheater”

Fella has unfollowed Medikal on Instagram and deleted all his photos from her page. Medikal earlier on apologized to Fella out of the blue for a crime we’re yet to know.
Hmmm! Can’t you also believe Medikal is chopping Fella too much, which fella can’t withstand. Or this guys are just having fun of us.


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