Rapper JWusu Releases His Hit Single Tso Lole (Video)

Burgeoning rapper JWusu, known in real life as Josh Nana Kweku Owusu, has finally released the music video for his much-anticipated song, Tso Lole.

The video, which tells the love story of a man and a woman has caught the attention of many with people already falling in love with the storyline.

Aside from the fact that the video featured a pretty lady, JWusu dropped some really cool lines.

At the tender age of 14, Josh Nana Kweku Owusu made his first attempt to rap and has kept at it for the past 9 years.

The young musician indicated that music had formed an integral part of his life. He revealed that he took a leap of fate to jump-start his journey in the music industry by accepting to engage in a rap ‘battle’ with his seniors while in Tema Secondary School.

Josh took the bold step to rap and eventually was crowned the winner of the rap battle.

He eventually became the face of his class and represented them at subsequent battles which he kept winning because of his ambition and niche for music.

Young Josh then started writing lyrics of songs sung by both local and foreign artistes into a notebook and kept reading them and comparing lyrics. It then dawned on him that he was good at making his own music and had to stop depending on lyrics of other musicians.

Watch Video here:

The urge to come out with his own creation led him to put all his efforts into focusing on becoming a professional in music.

Josh came into contact with a renowned producer and beatmaker in Tema called Hydraulix Fonye.

The producer instantly discovered Josh’s talent and urged him to work hard at his craft. The sound engineer indicated that Josh’s rap style was unique and was willing to give him a shot by working with him.

He has a number of songs under his belt.


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