Meet Sir Riko The University Of Ghana Student Who Sells “Nkosua Ne Meko” With Serious Swag (Photos)

    Education they say is expensive, and if you do not have an adequate support system, sometimes it looks like an impossible venture.

    A lot of young men have chosen the easier way to wealth and done a lot of ungodly acts. But a handsome young man whose picture has gone viral on social media has proved otherwise.

    His single entrepreneurial act has captured the hearts of many who have pronounced more blessings upon him.

    His name, according to one social media user is “Sir Riko” and he is a level 200 student of the University of Ghana, Legon, the country‚Äôs premier university.

    In spite of his handsomeness and impressive educational background, he has set pride aside and hawks boiled egg and pepper; one meal that always has the tendency to attract all your money, once you dare buy one especially when you’re comfortably seated in traffic.

    His attire makes everything rather complete, as he’s dressed in colorful suits and ties like someone going to the office.

    According to a social media user “Wak Dean” who shared his photos and inspiring story on Facebook, the young man was caught on camera hawking the boiled egg and pepper and thought such bravery and entrepreneurial acumen had to be commended.

    This is not to say that Sir Riko is the only one who has ventured into such entrepreneurship. His angle is unique because selling of nkosua ne meko has been for a while, come to be associated with women.

    Other people are out there doing amazing things to support themselves and family. Big Ups to anyone hustling hard to better themselves and make life easy for their loved ones.


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